Tahlia (NZ CH Addenhund Alchemy Tahlia)

Tahlia (NZ CH Addenhund Alchemy Tahlia)

  • NZKC registration: 02051-2019

Tahlia, the daughter of my beautiful lady Georgia, has continued to amaze and challenge me. She was the only female of her litter, and smaller than her brothers.  But she made up for that in attitude, right from the start. First on her feet and walking, first to climb out of the whelping box, first to negotiate the barrier challenges, first to escape the puppy pen and go off exploring in the orchard..... I had her tagged from early on as having great potential as an intrepid hunting dog. She was also quick to recognise the scent of deer and made short work of the deer-leg drags I laid out for the pups. She really needed no introduction to pheasant - she seemed to instinctively know what they sound, smell and look like, and she fired up. Fortunately, she also showed great conformation as an 8-week old when we did the assessments, and so she stayed.

Tahlia is my red Ferrari.  She is fast, sleek, sporty, agile, high-powered and very responsive. Her high drive and responsiveness make her great as a working dog, but she is not a dog for beginners. She is highly alert and very sensitive, and always ready for action. I would definitely not describe her as laid back or easygoing, and she doesn't enjoy the activity and noise of cities. But she is very sweet, lovely with little children and enjoys the company of people and dogs who are kind and gentle. When she is relaxed and confident, she can be quite the cheeky little madam.

And, of course, when we're in the bush, hills, riverbeds or such places, she is 100% confident. She lives to hunt and run and sniff, and is often the first of the dogs to try a new patch of bramble or a different arm of the creek. She never hesitates to go into any cover or leap into any water. She's especially birdy, and very quickly taught herself to slow down and stalk rather than run in and flush, and she has great range and quartering ability. With all of her hunting, though, she is always aware of where I am, responds instantly to a slight change in my direction, and has perfect recall. Her keenness to learn, desire to please and physical speed and control would have made her a great agility dog, if someone with those interests had owned her.


Tahlia is an excellent representative of a quality vizsla bitch. She is exactly in the mid-range of the standard for height. She has medium bone and is strong and robust, while also giving the impression of refinement. She has a good topline, well laid shoulders, deep chest, high tuck-up and excellent angulation. She moves with speed, precision and gracefulness, and always has a spring in her step. Despite hating the whole show conformation scene, she did earn her Championship title. 

Tahlia is very fit and active, with no known health issues (only accidents and emergencies!). Her PennHIP scores are well better than breed average (0.28 and 0.25) and her elbows are clear/accredited. Her eyes are clear (ophthalmic exam) and the DNA test showed her clear of cerebellar cortical degeneration.