Taka (Silverton Taka)

Taka (Silverton Taka)

  • NZKC registration: 02598-2013

I'm pleased to be introducing the handsome and talented Silverton Taka as a mate to my lady Georgia. Sires for use within my breeding programme are carefully selected for their genetic contribution and for features that complement my bitches. 

Taka has an exemplary pedigree. His dam, Zsofia, is from famous champion Hungarian lines on one side and from excellent champion and rough-shooting Australian lines on the other. His sire, Australian and NZ CH Erdos Jesse James, was brought into New Zealand on loan for one year. During that time, he quickly gained his NZ championship, won Best of Breed at the National Dog Show, sired the litter which Taka is from, and endeared himself to everyone he met with his affectionate nature.  

Taka himself has a beautiful temperament: easy-going, cooperative, enjoys human company and always treat young children and young dogs very kindly. His owners note that while he had the excess energy and over exuberance of the usual young male vizsla, he has always been smart and easy to train, and is now a well-behaved family member. He is their “super happy good-time dog”, but then he lives on 30 acres with cows and sheep, another vizsla and his humans, gets to go mountain biking and hunting on a regular basis, and enjoys the odd bit of sailing and swimming.

Taka's primary hunting role is deer stalking, and he has been successful in finding and indicating many deer for his owner.  He is a stealthy stalker across good distances in heavy cover, and a fine ground-tracker as well. At the age of 6 months, and with some encouragement, Taka leapt onto the back of a young deer and sat it down. Now, once the rifle goes off he is up and looking for the animal and will jump on their backs to stop them if required, under full control. When hunting, he is focused and very responsive to hand signals. But if he had his way you wouldn’t go home at the end of a hunting session as he is sure there is another deer just down that gully and over that ridge! He has been deliberately discouraged from hunting birds, and focuses solely on the deer.

Taka hasn’t ever entered a show ring, but he has good conformation. He is a robust medium-sized dog with good bone, deep chest and a masculine well-defined head with deep muzzle. He has good angulation, balance, reach and drive.   


He is a very fit muscled dog, with no known health issues. His hip and elbow scores are better than breed average, and are available upon request.