Activities for Versatile Vizslas

Technically, the Vizsla is known as a versatile gundog or a HPR (hunt point retrieve) dog. This means it is a breed that is capable of undertaking a range of hunting or gundog related tasks, rather than a breed that is specialised into doing just one task, such as retrieving.  A vizsla can find, point, flush, retrieve and track. It can do virtually everything except pull the trigger (although sometimes I'm sure that Kugar thinks he'd do a better job with the rifle than I do). 

The versatility of a vizsla extends far beyond hunting. Their natural abilities and special character means that the vizsla can excel in many realms, including:

  • hunting and field work
  • companion and family dog
  • outdoor adventuring
  • scent detection
  • service dog
  • in the show ring
  • as a competition dog for agility, obedience or tracking


This website is under construction and I will be adding information to these sections soon.



Hunting and Field Work

The vizsla breed was developed as a hunting dog in ...   It 

Suitability for New Zeland terrain, our types of game and styles of hunting...    The specifics of their skills, structure and temperament that match

Variation in natural ability

Selection as a pup

Link to gundog clubs





Companion and Family Dog

With wonderful temperament whose love of people, charm and elegance will endear them to your family and friends and family




Outdoor Adventuring

Breed thrives with people who enjoy spending time in the outdoors with their best friend.

Range of activities - kayaking, swimming, biking, tramping, running, camping, touring (visiting iconic waterfalls)





Scent Detection

Truffle Detection

Conservation (species protection)

Search and Rescue

Airport Security


Noseworx as a fun activity


Service Dogs

My dogs - accredited as therapy dogs, visiting rest home dementia unit, and working with people with disability. Describe their reactions and behaviour. Refer to the national organisation: Canine Friends Pet Therapy 


Other vizslas I am aware of - eg PTSD, epilepsy, diabetics




In the Show Ring

Purpose of showing - evaluating potential breeding stock.

Showing today, and how to get started. General information about breed shows on DogsNZ, and also a calendar of events, where you can see what shows are coming up in your area and go along. Many clubs hold training sessions for people starting out or for refining their handing skills before a show. DogsNZ also have a listing of clubs (which can be filtered by breed, by activity and by region).

The showing pinnacle - Crufts and vizslas who have won

One of Yola's forebears Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind won the Gundog group at Crufts in 2009 and in 2010 took out Crufts Best In Show. 






Competition Dog for Agility, Flygility, Obedience or Tracking

The DogsNZ website gives a good summary of dog agility, and the types of competitive events in New Zealand.  They also have an events calendar that includes agility events, and a list of agility clubs

My friend Marian Holman competes with her dogs in many of these events, and has found it not only fun and challenging, but a great way to develop the relationships with her dogs and maintain everyone's happiness, fitness and wellbeing. Marian and I met through our dogs - her girl Aria is sister to Kugar. The photos below are all of Marian's dogs, Zephyr and Aria. Thanks Marian!





Canine Good Citizen:




Reaping the rewards: