I feed my dogs (and growing pups) a balanced raw diet, as I believe a species-appropriate diet that reflects their evolution and biology provides the best nutrition. Commercial kibble is convenient, but primarily exists to utilise excess crops and byproduct to make profit for large multinationals. Kibble is highly processed, with high levels of carbohydrate, extruded at high temperatures and generally reinforced with synthetic nutrients to enable the claim of 'balanced'. That is my opinion, and I won't force it on you. But for those of you who would like to continue raising your Addenhund puppy on a raw diet I am happy to support you with advice as you go.

A raw diet does require some effort, and it is really important to get a good balance of muscle meat, soft bones and organs; and also a good balance of different sources of meat (eg sheep, goat, venison, beef, poultry, etc). For starters, I recommend the Vizslas, Raw and Natural facebook group. The creator of this group is a very experienced raw feeder, and there are excellent information files and helpful support. If you are looking for information on what to feed your puppy, and on getting started with raw, I suggest you go to their files and scroll right to the end.

Alternatively, the Raw Essentials website also has lots of great information in their articles and FAQs:  http://www.rawessentials.co.nz/articles-1https://perfectlyrawsome.com/raw-feeding-puppy-guides/

To source meat, you can always put your vizsla to work in finding wild animals for meat. Or, if you need to buy it in, many areas have great suppliers. Some suppliers include:

And many more....Do a google search on raw dog food nz to find suppliers in your area.