For basic 'training' and suggestions about raising a puppy, I suggest viewing the files on the facebook group "Vizslas, Positive Training":   Navigate to the files section, and there are documents on many of the typical issues faced, including teaching you pup to settle, to be comfortable in a crate, recall, puppy biting, etc. I do not generally recommend getting advice from people on facebook, as so many who like to give answers simply don't know. However, this group is well moderated and is a good starting point.

If you are looking for advice on training your dog for working as a gundog - deer stalking, rough shooting on pheasants or quail or other field work, then I suggest reading the training chapters in the two vizsla books I've recomended or get this book:  "Force-Free Gundog Training" by Jo Laurens.  Jo also has a website and does podcasts, etc:  I'm also happy to advise people about training your pup - key characteristics of your vizsla, what they respond best to and how to set them up to be successful hunters.

Please be very wary of the "raising your vizsla" or "the complete guide to..." type books. I deliberately bought a few to check if there were any I could recommend, and they are generic basic dog books, where they simply substite the breed names to be 'vizsla' or 'rottweiler' or 'corgi' or whatever, with no understanding of the breed and lots of misinformation. Talk with people who are experienced in the breed, and really understand what they were bred for and what their characteristics and needs are. 




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Rewarding the pup for a successful find.