Raising Your Dog

This website is under construction and I will be adding information to this section soon.


Intro about my experience (all life, range of breeds, range of activities, rescue and rehab, fostering, dog psychology, etc

Notes about my philosophy re having a dog in your life - companion, healthy, well-adjusted

Notes about my support for puppy owners


Topics to include:

  • taking your puppy home
  • teaching "come"
  • cooperation
  • learning to settle
  • puppy biting
  • children and puppies
  • toilet training
  • crate training


First things to teach your pup:  https://dogtrainingdunedin.co.nz/2019/02/08/the-8-most-useful-things-to-teach-a-new-puppy/?fbclid=IwAR2iSpFu5r6svSXY3IvwYuMW63z99koYDmaPjTAWBfAey1_XvJHBcN5Ev4M