Socialising your Vizsla


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Bit re temperament of my dogs 

Your dog, no matter what specialised function it was bred for, lives with humans in a human-defined world. 

Socialisation is a term that can be misunderstood. Some people think it means that your dog is social with other dogs, and enjoys visitng the local dog park. This is just one small component. Here, 'socialisation' means teaching your dog to be comfortable in society, and involves exposure to a wide range of experiences in a positive way to increase the dog's confidence,,,,

Also, allowing the dog to make decisions - not a robot, makes it more confident and trustworthy and versatile

Bit about the early socialisation I will do with each pup:

, and then how to continue this yourself. Checklist of ages and activities

Website with good information on how to socialise your pup

Also here: