Reuben (Rafoej Our Reuben)

Reuben (Rafoej Our Reuben)

  • NZKC registration: 01185-2017

I’m delighted to be introducing Reuben (Rubz) into my breeding programme, with his semen to be used for Yolanda. There has been many a time when I have thought that Georgia and Yolanda would complement each other well in many areas – and I finally had the opportunity to meet Georgia’s brother Reuben as an adult.

I had previously met him as an 8-week old puppy, where he showed good conformation, a high level of interest and ability with the scent trail I had laid, and was very responsive. Reuben was the pick of the male pups, assessed by Rod for conformation and temperament, and by me for natural hunting ability (scenting ability, drive, perseverance).

Like Georgia, Reuben is a good example of a quality vizsla. Their mother’s side has Szep-Allat (of the late Jan Edwards, who worked hard to improve the breed as a dual-purpose dog and establish its success in New Zealand, with dogs known for their tremendous hunting instinct). On their father’s side, an outcross sire was purposely selected to add genetic diversity to the main breeding pool, a sire who has excellent conformation, a great temperament and who is also a capable hunting dog (deer stalking).

As an adult, Reuben is a perfect match for Yola. He is an excellent breed specimen, with a lovely topline, great angulation, deep chest, catlike feet, and a well-proportioned head. He is also compact, on the smaller end of the range for a male while still within the breed standard in height. He has lovely effortless movement, and is extremely fit.

Reuben has a lovely temperament, outgoing and relaxed, eager and alert but also calm, and quite happy to be handled by a stranger. He is good with other dogs. He’s also very intelligent, willing and quick to learn. He has never been shown or worked but is extremely well trained as a running companion and shows good natural field ability.

His health test results are excellent: PennHIP 0.18/0.22 (an outstandingly good result), elbows clear/accredited, clear eye certificate in all respects, and clear DNA test for cerebella ataxia / cerebellar cortical degeneration.