Sage (Barat Living Sagely of Rafoej)

Sage (Barat Living Sagely of Rafoej)

  • NZKC registration: 05920-2010

Sires for use within my breeding programme are carefully selected for their genetic contribution and for features that complement my bitches, and many dogs were considered for this mating with Yola.

I selected Sage to complement Yola, being a moderate dog that complies with the breed standard, comes from hunting lines and has sound temperament. Sage has lines that include Erdos and Hanafor, and has a similar style to Yolanda, thereby being able to complement and moderate at the same time. He also has Hubertus and other international contributions to his lineage. His own breeding was planned by Rod Hitchmough, with his bitch Doucette. Doucette was a beautiful bitch, well-constructed, sound and with a strong natural hunting ability over fur animals and a close style. She came from two lines with high work drive, but was not actively hunted herself. She was a relatively calm, laid-back vizsla, making a wonderful family dog. The sire he used was a well-structured, moderate, free-moving dog with a lovely temperament, and was used regularly to hunt large game in the South Island. 

The litter they produced was a good size, very nice and very consistent. Sage was the pick dog, with excellent angles and bone, and a strong, masculine head. He grew to a moderate size, just over the mid range of the standard. As a youngster Sage showed lively interest in his environment, stalking birds and using his nose to seek out insects, lizards and smaller furry critters. He had a strong, thoughtful disposition giving an air of wisdom, hence the call name Sage – always seeming wise for his age. He had the good fortune of being placed in a hunting home where he could fulfil his breed function and natural instincts. He is also a proven sire.

Sage comes from breeders who have tested and selected on health, and he has no known health issues. His hip scores are very good, and elbows are excellent, and scores are available upon request.